Money Battles in Marriage: The Way Out

While all couples experience money ‘fights’ in one form or the other, the fights can be devastating for some couples. Nevertheless, like other forms of conflicts, money fights can actually help couples understand each other better and deepen their level of intimacy. Money battles should not be ignored or swept under the carpet. If you take time to understand the possible roots of your money battles, you will see how you can convert your battles to bliss.

Why Couples Fight over Money

• Differences in Money Personality

• Misuse of Power and Funds

• Third Party Perceptions

• Selfishness

• Absence of Financial Policy

• Divine Displeasure


Recovering from Money Battles

• Admit you have money problems

• Be forward looking

• Talk about Money

• Adjust your spending habits

• Make commitment to obey Biblical principles

• Pray


Excerpt from Money and Marriage by Jerry Akinsola