Catalyst for Intimacy: Worship and the Word of God

We are all worshippers. Some worship people and Institutions. Some others worship themselves, their works, status, spouses and other man-made gods. The Bible warns us against worshipping idols. This is because idols reduce the stature of God, and tend to replace God in the life of those that worship them. God hates idols because the destroy the love relationship that should exist between him and his people.

Conditions that Will Enhance the Discipline of Worshipping God

  • Be prepared for Battle
  • Set Aside a Regular Time
  • Choose an Appropriate Place
  • Prepare for your Joint Worship
  • Be Expectant and Expressive
  • Concentrate on the Lord

Some Common Practices that Enhance Worshipping God

  • ┬áSinging
  • Reading the Bible
  • Listening to a Sermon
  • Confession
  • Praying
  • Receiving Instruction
  • Connect with a Spiritual Mentor

Satan will attack you at the point of your worship more than at any other place in your lives. Be prepared for his attempts to interrupt, distract, discourage and terminate the holy habit of worshipping God together. He will try to make you think that worship is not important and that you do not have time to do it. Resist his attacks. The Holy Spirit is willing and able to help you.

Lean on Him.